The following, is an email that was sent from the LEPOCO office, Tuesday, 3/17/2020:

Many/most of you have heard by now that the LEPOCO Annual Dinner (that had been set for Saturday, March 21) has been canceled.  Our decision was made last Thursday (March 12), before so many of the directives came out, but just as the world seemed to turn in a 24-hour period in this country (the present administration, with some exceptions, was not acting to protect us, we needed to do what we could to protect each other).  Of course, the world is still turning and we do not know when the crisis period will end. 
Here are the logistics we have thought of regarding the Annual Dinner.  Please let us know if you have other questions.

Especially because we did not see a clear way to simply postpone the dinner, we chose to cancel it for now.  This will of course result in a loss of revenue for LEPOCO.  If you have already paid for a reservation for the dinner we hope you will consider donating the cost of your ticket to LEPOCO.  (Thank you to those of you who have already done this!)   If you would like a full refund (or some refund) please let us know by phone or email.  

We hope to be able to plan a LEPOCO celebration of some sort once the office move is completed. 
The Art Raffle drawing (normally held at the Annual Dinner) will take place at that celebration or an appropriate event by sometime this summer.  Of course, this depends on crisis developments over which we have little control.  You can still purchase tickets for the Art Raffle drawing.  We will do our best to make an announcement to our contact lists in advance of the drawing date. 

The election of the new members of the LEPOCO Steering Committee will be completed by the time of the April Monthly Action Meeting (Monday, April 13).  You received a ballot in the last issue of the LEPOCO Newsletter.  You can simply complete and mail it to LEPOCO to arrive by Friday, April 10.  Of course, we do not know whether we will be able to hold the Action Meeting in person, but that seems to be a good date for the balloting deadline that will allow everyone plenty of time to mail in their ballot. 

Follow this link to a statement by members of the Steering Committee and Staff regarding our decision to cancel the dinner and some of our larger concerns for peace and justice in the midst of the crisis.  We have submitted the statement to local newspapers and will circulate it through other avenues.  This is an important time for all of us to speak up to protect the world and all the people (near and far) that we hold dear from ravages that some may try to impose during this most difficult time.  Please let LEPOCO know if there are efforts we can promote to assist the speaking up and acting in solidarity around this crisis.

Yours in peace and concern for our community and our world in this crisis and so many others, 
                       LEPOCO Steering Committee, Annual Dinner Planning Committee and Staff

“Cut Military Spending, Our Lives Depend on It”

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