Annual Dinner

LEPOCO Annual Dinner

Saturday, March 23, 2019
Cathedral Church of the Nativity, 321 Wyandotte St., Bethlehem, PA 18105

Follow this link to view Frida’s speech at the LEPOCO Annual Dinner, on our YouTube channel: Frida Berrigan, LEPOCO Annual Dinner 2019

Featured Speaker :  Frida Berrigan

“How Nuclear Weapons Ruined My Life:  They’re Probably Ruining Yours too”

Frida Berrigan is the author of It Runs In The Family: On Being Raised by Radicals and Growing into Rebellious Motherhood (OR Books, 2015). She is a TomDispatch regular, writes the Little Insurrections column for WagingNonviolence.Org, serves on the board of the War Resisters League and is active with Witness Against Torture. She has three children and lives in New London, Connecticut. 

After the dinner, Frida shared an article with LEPOCO that was very close to her speech at the dinner. Follow the link to read:

Photos from LEPOCO Annual Dinner 2019

LEPOCO Annual Dinner – 50 YEARS!

LEPOCO celebrates its more than 50 years of working for Peace and Justice at the LEPOCO Annual Dinner, every spring.  Volunteers prepare a scrumptious vegetarian meal, there’s an art raffle of beautiful items donated by very talented artists/craftspeople, and we commission a speaker who inspires us to continue doing the work we do.

2015 – 2016

2015 – 2016, LEPOCO had a year long celebration of 50 years of Peace work, with a concert, a children’s Peace Poster Contest, a dance, and of course our Annual Dinner/Birthday Party.  Please click HERE to read an article written about us, by Dr. Kiki Anastasakos, Professor of Political Science at Northampton Community College.  NCC held a conference, October 15, 2015, featuring 6 members of LEPOCO. The video is below, in two parts.

The people who represented LEPOCO on the panel: Jeff Vitelli, Mimi Lang, Ethan Hoffman, Fran Dreisbach, Susan Ravitz and Nancy Tate.