LEPOCO Newsletter

A Party for Peace

Any outsider who dropped in on LEPOCO’s 49th annual dinner last month would think peace advocates really know how to party. To paraphrase Emma Goldman (even if she didn’t really say it): “If I can’t party, I’m not joining your revolution!” Given the hard work that peace activists do, who […]

A Climate of Change

March 14-15, Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) hosted their annual regional conference at Lehigh University. With 148 registered participants, it was the largest regional CCL conference to date, which is an extraordinary achievement and reflects the remarkable growth the movement has experienced, more than doubling in size every year. CCL has […]

Tax Day: Why Do We Pay So Much For War?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015, Tax Day, is the latest date for regular filing of our 2014 tax forms. I know from experience that many taxpayers wait until then to mail their taxes in person at various post offices. LEPOCO is an organization dedicated to opposing unnecessary wars and aggressive operations. […]