Peace Camp 2015: 25 Years of Guiding Young People in Nonviolence

Spring is here! Dare we dream of warm summer days? Some of us dream of drum circles, giant para-chutes, and flying water balloons. I hear unrestrained laughter. I visualize endless smiling faces in the midst of international dance class. I can feel the contagious excitement when I inform the children it is time to join Roberta in the joyous peace songs that she teaches us.

There are so many wonderful activities that we all share during the week of Peace Camp. This year Camp will occur Monday through Friday, July 27-31. We will convene at the First Presbyterian Church in Allentown (Tilghman St. and Cedar Crest Blvd.).

Do you know any children ages 5-12 who could benefit from such wonderful experience based on love and caring? A registration form is enclosed with this newsletter. Please contact LEPOCO if you can use more to share with others.

Would you like to be part of the teen & adult team that helps guide young people at Peace Camp? A volunteer interest form can be obtained by calling 610-691-8730.