Popcorn/Potluck & Politics Series

Popcorn/Potluck & Politics Series
Friday, January 4, 2019 at 7 PM


A Popcorn & Politics Film projected on the big screen
at the LEPOCO Peace Center, 313 W. 4th St., (south) Bethlehem.

After a special briefing for the journal “Nature” announced the possible extinction of a part of mankind before the end of the 21st century, Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent, together with a team of four people, carried out an investigation in ten different countries to figure out what may lead to this disaster and above all, how to avoid it. This documentary shares how individuals and communities are finding practical solutions to the economic, ecological and social crises facing many countries.

Directed by Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent. 120 minutes. 2017.

Please bring a snack or beverage to share.

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