Popcorn/Potluck & Politics Series

Popcorn/Potluck & Politics Series

Popcorn & Politics – First Friday Film

Friday,  June 1st,  7 pm

 “I.F. Stone’s Weekly”

A Popcorn & Politics Film projected on the big screen
t the LEPOCO Peace Center, 313 W. 4th St., (south) Bethlehem.

This is a delightful short biography of a true journalism legend.  He worked during another era of repression directed at the press and creatively responded to that repression by publishing his own Weekly.  The film includes footage of “Izzy” speeches, often full of humor.  Those who made this film available write, “Please help keep Izzy’s memory alive!”   Directed by Jerry Bruck, Jr.  Narrated by Tom Wicker.  59 minutes.  1973. 

Attendees are encouraged to bring a snack or beverage to share.


Potluck & Politics

Popcorn & Politics

Sunday, June 17th, 6:30 pm

Olga Negron & Susie Ravitz

“Puerto Rico Since the Hurricane”

A LEPOCO Potluck & Politics event at the Lehigh Valley Friends Meetinghouse
4116 Bath Pike (Route 512), Bethlehem (18020), ½ mile north of Rt. 22.

Olga Negron is member of the Bethlehem City Council. She has been a community leader in the Lehigh Valley since the 1990s. She grew up in Puerto Rico, left when she was 21 year old, but has maintained many close ties with her family members that still live on the Island. Since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico on September 20, 2017, Olga has been involved in organizing aid to go to the Island and in opening doors for the people who needed to find safe haven here in the Lehigh Valley. Later in June she will make her first visit to the Island since the hurricane.

Susie Ravitz, a founding member of LEPOCO, has been visiting Vieques, Puerto Rico, regularly since the 1990s. She was involved in the successful protests against the U.S. Navy bombing of the beautiful island. She visited Vieques in late March for two weeks.
Both Olga and Susie will share what they know about the ongoing need for assistance in Puerto Rico (and here) and how people can help with that assistance.

Attendees are encouraged to bring food to share for the Potluck Dinner at 6:30 pm.
Discussion will start around 7 pm.