Tax Day: Why Do We Pay So Much For War?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015, Tax Day, is the latest date for regular filing of our 2014 tax forms. I know from experience that many taxpayers wait until then to mail their taxes in person at various post offices.

LEPOCO is an organization dedicated to opposing unnecessary wars and aggressive operations. Vietnam and the Iraq invasions are examples. I do not oppose the maintenance of a reasonable size armed force, only the use of those forces for aggression. Note the destabilization of Iraq and Syria due to the U.S. and European meddling.

That is why volunteers from LEPOCO hand out flyers at various local post offices in the Lehigh Valley on Tax Day, April 15. The flyers (produced by the War Resisters League) detail the large amount of your tax dollars spent on the Defense Department.

If you can help distribute leaflets at a local post office for a couple of hours on Tax Day please contact LEPOCO (610-691-8730) to sign up for your time and place. If you do not have a partner you will be paired with someone.