Annual Gathering

LEPOCO celebrates its more than 50 years of working for Peace and Justice at the LEPOCO Annual Dinner, every spring.  Volunteers prepare a scrumptious vegetarian meal, there’s an art raffle of beautiful items donated by very talented artists/craftspeople, and we commission a speaker who inspires us to continue doing the work we do.

Call the office, 610-691-8730, if you’d like to help plan or volunteer on the day of the event.

Previous Annual Dinner Speakers

*Not a complete list – Many of these are linked to either an information page or video.

March 11, 2023 – Reggie Harris: “The Role of Community, Culture and Relationship in Making Social Change
April 23, 2022 – Stephen Miles: “War & Peace: The Biden Era & Beyond”
March 13, 2021 – Roberta Meek – Song Talk: “From Sojourner Truth to Stacey Abrams: The Unfinished Battle for Voting Rights”  via ZOOM
March 21, 2020 – Reggie Harris– cancelled
March 23, 2019 – Frida Berrigan“How Nuclear Weapons Ruined My Life:  They’re Probably Ruining Yours too”
March 17, 2018 – Kathy Kelly“Unshackling Ourselves: Lessons from War Zones
March 18, 2017 – Michael McPherson – “Organizing, Resistance & Triumph:  This Is Our Time” 
March 12, 2016 – Ann Wright – “Peace Conversions”
February 28, 2015 – Stephen Miles – “Winning Without War”
March 29, 2014 – Randy Kehler – “Resisting the Secrecy & Lies that Make War (& Other Forms of Violence) Possible”
March 16, 2013 – Medea Benjamin – “Building Peace in the Age of Drone Warfare”
March 3, 2012 – Ray McGovern – “The Moral Imperative of Activism”
March 5, 2011 – David Wildman – “Peace in Afghanistan”
March 6, 2010 – Rev. Billy and Members of the Church of Life After Shopping
March 14, 2009 – Jennifer Harbury
See the full list of previous years’ speakers HERE:

Photos from LEPOCO Annual Dinner 2019

See how LEPOCO celebrated 50 years!